Thursday, May 28, 2009

Seven Years Ago Today...

Our lives changed forever.
The first grandchild.
The first nephew.
Cooper was born.

My sweet Cooper was in the world!

When Cooper was born, it was so stressful and hard on us as a family because of his scary delivery, but after he was here and Sis was ok...there was nothing sweeter than his perfect little face. He is such a sweet spirited child, so talented and loving and we have all been blessed by having him in our lives for the past 7 years.

I don't know where the time has gone, but I am so happy to be apart of his life and love him more than he'll ever know.

Happy Birthday Cooper!!


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bitter Sweet Success?

I am not sure if I should jump up and down with joy, or cry.
I just signed my baby boy up for daycare for the fall and got him in the school I wanted in the last spot for 2 year olds! (He'll be a month away from 2 when he starts in August.)
I have been dreading this day since I was pregnant, but I've been so blessed by being able to stay home with him the first two years of his life. I think he will do so good and grow so much as an independent person. I hate to think of the things I'm going to miss on a daily basis by not being with him, but I am excited to start my new career and also excited to start taking some of the financial burden off of my sweet husband.
So, now...we HAVE to get rid of the pappy by August...yikes. I don't want to have so many new transitions, but they don't like pappy's at his age for sanitary reasons, and I understand. The thought of him picking up someone else's pappy grosses me out! (Or someone picking up his! :P)
Anyway, this summer should be very interesting for his Aunt Cici who is helping me while I finish my last semester of classes before student teaching in the fall! She is not wanting him to get rid of his pappy yet, but "it's time Cici!" :O)
My computer is down, so my lovely Sis has loaned me her lap top until I get ours fixed so that's why no posts lately.
Just wanted to share my news...not sure if it's good or bad yet, but at least I have a few months to prepare myself for the tears and snot that is going to surely come the first of August. UGGGH.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I just put my dog in time out.

Holy Cow. What a week, my son loves playing with the dog but sometimes it's too much. Anyway, Tobie Girl wouldn't leave Jack alone, I warned her and she didn't listen. Dern dog. She was just in "time out" for 5 minutes, on minute for her age. Oh Lordy, I'm loosing it.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day and is having a great week. Just wanted to share some pictures from my Mother's Day.
Everyday should be Mother's Day! :)

Also, just wanted to share that we went to church again with my Mom and Dad, they did a recognition of Mother's as I'm sure every church does...Oldest, Mom with most kids, Youngest...guess who won YOUNGEST at a lovely age of 29? ME!!
I know, crazy right? However, I must say it has to be because we were in early church! Don't get me wrong, it was packed, but I just about died when he started at age 25 and got all the way to 29...had to go from the balcony to the front of the church to get a rose. It was sweet and a nice gesture that the church did. The Oldest Mommy was 87 and the Mommy with the most children there was a Mommy of 4.

My pictures will not upload for some reason...I will edit to add later this afternoon.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Does everyone love them?

As much as me?
I love Zac Brown Band.
This song reminds me of my's the ringtone for when he calls.
I just think these guys rock.
The sun is shinning. The elephant is off my shoulders. I'm done.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Two-fer Tuesday..."One for One"

TOMS! I must admit, if I had unlimited income and could buy whatever I wanted...I would buy every pair of TOMS shoes...even every color of their Vegan Wrap Boots...go to their site and check them out! TOMS SHOES. If you have never heard of them, they are a great company, that for every pair of shoes they sale, they give a pair to a child in need. I saw something about them a few months ago and was reminded about their company with the new AT&T commercial!
I ordered little man and me a pair...

I am always trying to find new products and things that we can buy that will help you know of any like TOMS shoes? If so, leave me a comment and let me know!

Great Give Away...

Mrs. Newlywed at Misadventures of a Newlywed is hosting a great give away! Pop on over to her site to enter to win personalized custom stationary that is so stinkin' cute!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday's Sunday Song

Slacking again in the blog life has been crazy it seems like emotionally, but we are chugging right a long. I saw Mandisa the other night on tv and had to post her singing this song. It's isn't a 'real' video, but you really only need to hear the words. It is so moving and she is such an inspiration and Godly woman. She was supposed to be at the Women of Faith weekend I went too last year, but wasn't...I do believe she is still traveling with them though!
Enjoy the song and I hope you have a great Monday and week!