Friday, October 12, 2007

He's Here! Wednesday, September 12th, 2007 little man decided he was tired of being cooped up and he came early...September 12, 2007...Labor started on Tuesday, the 11th with my water breaking at home while I was in bed...Shannon had been gone for about 3 hours and just made it to his destination in South Carolina, it was bout 8.45a when he called and told me he had made it. I told him that was great and that I was going to take Tobie (our dog) to the vet because I was going to spend the night with Mom and Dad since I was 37 weeks pregnant. I didn't want to be this was Shannon's last week to travel before little man was 'supposed' to be here on my scheduled induction date of September 25th! (His original due date was October 1st) So, got off the phone with Shann, decided to lay around with Tobie Girl for a few more minutes and then I was going to get up and get going...well there was a "pop" and I thought..."hmmmm could that have been my water breaking?" Of course, with this being our first child, I had NO clue of what this would feel like or anything, so I thought I better get up and go to the bathroom just in case! As soon as I got up, I knew IMMEDIATELY it was my water that broke. I freaked out! My husband was 3 hours away!! This was NOT supposed to happen like this! So, I called Mom...God love my Mom. She was on her way to Knoxville and she was so calm, although I know she was freaking out just as much if not more as I was! She told me to stay calm, try to get our things together (luckily they were already packed, I just wasn't ready!) So...we called trutsy Sister...God love her too...she was teaching, her son, my beautiful nephew Cooper is in her class...his first year of school and he freaked out because Mommy was leaving! I was more worried about him then myself, I didn't want him to think anything was wrong with me or be scared at school! Anyway, Sister came to get me, in between time, I'm trying to put on clothes, brush my teeth, hair...figure out what else I needed for the hospital and get ready. Well, I had obviously called my husband and told him what was going on...he couldn't believe it! He got back in his 'tic-tac' and drove like a mad man to get home...I was also worried to death about him because I knew he would speed and I kept telling him there was no reason for him too because I knew it would take a while for little man to get here! So, while he was driving home, he called our friend Josh to come and check on me while I was waiting on my Sister to get here...he has a key to our house, so he just came in, well of course I was walking around in my pants and bra...(I'm sure a great sight for him to see...big 'ol pregnant me!) He didn't think anything about it, he was actually shocked that I was up, walking around...he said he thought I was going to be laying on the floor in pain! Thank goodness I wasn't! So Sis made it to my house in record time, and then we made it to the dr's office in record time! Mom was there waiting on us, we had to go up and let me get checked...of course Dr. Edmunds confirmed my water had broke and said she was sending me to labor and delivery. I still was in such shock, it didn't hit me that this all was happening...NOW! So, it's about 11.30a and we get checked into the L&D and they hook me up to everything...started my IV's and there I labor. I got my epidural about 1.30p and while I was getting it, Shann showed up! I was so happy to see him. He is such a sweet soul. He started to get emotional as soon as he walked into the room. I'm sure it was a shock to see me laying there, but he of course made me cry! I was only at 1cm when Dr. Edmunds checked me that morning and then throughout the day, I didn't progress very well at all...I was at 3cm's at around 11.30p that night...Sis and Dad decided to go home and get some rest. We all just knew I was going to have to have a c-section because I was not progressing and I was on pitocin (sp?). So the last nurse checked me around 1am and I was dialted to 9cm! It was insane! Mom automatically picked up the phone, called Dad and Sis and they turned right around and came back! I was so happy and thanking God that I didn't have to have a c-section...I had been wanting one all along, but then in that moment, I was scared to death!! So, once Sis and Dad got back and Dr. Edmunds was done with an emergency c-section, it was time to push!! I couldn't feel a thing (thank God) so I didn't know how good I was doing pushing, but after an hour and 45 mins, there he was. Beautiful, perfect. Ten fingers, ten toes and looked just like his Daddy! It was such a beautiful experience and I'm so glad I was there with Shann and my Sister during the whole thing. Sis cut his cord (too much for his Daddy) and he was cleaned up and handed off to me! I was in shock still that it all happened like it did and he was already there!