Friday, March 28, 2008

Lovey Update!!!

Yippeee and a big THANKS to Ms. Amanda (Colie's Mommy) Jack now has 4...yes 4 more lovey's!! That's a total of 6 to hopefully last him until he doesn't want it!!

I'm so excited and a special THANK YOU to everyone that has looked and emailed me about this!! I hope now, that we will only need 6! Essh!

Jack's Nana said "he has enough to use until he goes to college"!

I hope everyone has a 'rain' free weekend!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Oh no...more Lovey's NEEDED! this was my Sister's grand idea...buying Jackson a lovey (for those of you who don't know what one's a small square blankie that a baby can take everywhere). Sis and I actually bought the same's a Child of Mine by Carter''s soo super cute and soft and Jack absolutely LOVES it. He sleeps with it, every nap and every night. Well we have 2...but after multiple washings of both, I'm afraid they are going to 'wear' out soon!! I searched and searched for over 2 hours yesterday online trying to find the exact same one...

I found one on ebay that a lady is selling, it's brand new but she wants $25 PLUS shipping for it...I think it cost around $8 at the stores! Sis bought hers at Wal-Mart and I believe I picked up the one I bought him at Target. Well, Sis actually bought him another one for Christmas, and he likes it, but nothing like the 2 he uses daily. It is the sweetest thing, he falls asleep rubbing the tags on the sides of is like a "Taggie" Brand lovey, but softer and oh so much cuter! (His Mommy thinks at least!)
So...I am asking you guys to look around for one! I even tried online at Wal-Mart and they only have the girl ones that are pink...that won't work!! If you happen to see one, let me know and I'll get out there...wherever and buy them out of it! I'm so sad and afraid that we won't be able to find another one and it will be like 'squooshy' bear is to Saydie. She has these bears...I think they are panda bears we picked up at Proffitts, they are FAO Schwartz (sp?) and they don't make them anymore! Poor 'squooshy' bear looks pitiful after almost 5 years of washing, rubbing, sleeping and cuddling!!

Here is a picture of Jack with his Lovey and then I'll post another one of just the lovey so you can see what kind it is!
Thanks so much for your help in this URGENT matter!! :O)

Hope everyone has had a wonderful week so far...we are sooo looking forward to warmer weather to get out and play!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

What a wonderful weekend!

We all had such a wonderful Easter weekend. Jack was at his Aunt Cici's for 2 nights...she missed him terribly and so did the he got to go and play with Cooper and Saydie Friday and Saturday. Shannon and I went riding on the Harley Saturday, it was such a beautiful day and so nice to get out and about for a while. Sunday, was obviously Easter and we all went to church together! Then it was to Aunt Priscilla's house for a feast! Shannon and I didn't eat at all Saturday so we could eat all we wanted on Sunday!! It was great to see everyone and nice to be around family! Jack was a very good boy, both at church and at lunch. I was proud of him! Then it was on to Nana's to hide Easter eggs! We always have a great time at Nana's, especially when everyone is there! Here are some of my favorite pictures from this weekend! I hope everyone had a blessed Easter and great weekend like we did!

Jack and his Daddy after church

Our family at Nana's

Nana and Jack

Papaw and Jack

Cooper and Saydie

Trying to get all the babies to look at one camera...didn't happen!

One last try!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I'm so proud...

Of my little boy! I went yesterday to have his 6 months pictures taken and I was scared to death! I was so nervous because I didn't know if a) we'd get a smile out of him and b) I had to go by myself! This was the first time he's had them professionally taken since he was 7 days old by my friend and photographer, Jessica Leigh...she is now off of maternity leave and is busy as a bee! We couldn't get a date to work, and I didn't want to miss this milestone of his 6 month 'birthday'! He was a champ! He did soo good and was so funny! Of course, he flirted with the photographer, Krisiti at Portrait we got some really great faces! Here are some of my favorites and the ONE Easter picture that we got! Enjoy!! Hope they make you smile like they do us!!
Happy Easter!
Just Loungin' Around...Don't be jealous of the socks and shoes! :O)

Our happy baby boy

Sittin' in the chair like a big boy!

Look at those eyes!

Saving the best for last...this completely shows his personality! Such a fun baby!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Mommy's BIG BOY!

Yesterday 03-12-08 was Jack's "Half" Birthday! I honestly can't believe our son is 6 months old already! Time is absolutely flying by and I'm loving every minute of it!!
Poor guy, what do we do for his "birthday"???...take him to the dr. for his 6 month check up and he had to get 3 more shots! I felt awful, but he was a champ! He cried of course during the shots, but right after she was done his Daddy picked him up and he was fine! He was a little fussy last night, but nothing Mommy couldn't handle! He weighed 17.3, he's 28 inches long and he is measuring at a 7 month level on his development! So he is going to be smart like his Daddy...thank goodness! :O)

We had to run a few errands today, so Lowe's was on the list...looking for rugs for the house so I put on my "big girl panties" and bit the bullet about him riding around in the shopping cart! I was so scared to do this by myself for some reason. He ususally rides in his car seat in the shopping cart or in his stroller...which both make it impossible to actually shop or buy something. So, his Aunt Cici got him the most adorable shopping cart cover (of course it has pirates all over it!) and once I figured out how to put it in there, he was in! HE ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! It was sooo funny, he had to turn his head all the way around both ways to see what we were looking at next! He talked to every man in there and flirted with 3 different pretty women!! He was a hit! Anyway, I didn't have my camera, but I had my phone camera and I HAD to take a picture!

This one is when we were first in Lowe's...

And this one is when we were done! You can see by the smile and slabbers...he was HAPPY!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Saydie Takes Baton!! beautiful little niece, went today for her FIRST baton lesson with Mrs. Carrie (Baylor's Mommy & A best friend from high school)! She was SO excited to go, and I couldn't wait to hear how it went! She called and said she loved it and it was 'so fun'! She said Mrs. Carrie told her that when she drops her 'ton to just pick it up and keep going..."even if I'm on stage Gigi!" (Not sure where little bit got the stage thing...I think she's already dreaming BIG!) Mrs. Carrie sent me a picture text of Saydie and I just had to post it on here. So Saydie, this is for you. Gigi loves you very much and I'm so very proud of you!! I know you'll be our next UT Majorette just like Mrs. Carrie was!!

Thank you to Mrs. Carrie for being so wonderful with her today!

More prayer requests for my sweet Sister please, we have confirmed her Lupus is flaring up and she isn't feel good at all...AND now, my wonderful nephew Cooper has the flu. They are both home trying to get better. Sis has a dr appt. tomorrow and I pray that God will lead the dr. to the right path to get Sis better and back into remission. NO ONE understands the pain and how awful she is feeling so please lift her up to God. Sis, we love you and Cooper big hugs!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Just another Friday...

So, it's just another Friday here at our house, but I had to take some pics of little man to post on here. We hope everyone has a great weekend, and please keep my Sister in your prayers. She isn't feeling to good right now. Also, please pray that Jack and I get rid of our snotty noses!!

Jack in his 'baby legs'

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Praying for WARM WEATHER!!

Jack and I are tired of being sick and cooped up in this house! So...every morning and night, we pray that warm weather will come soon...

I had a dr. appt. yesterday and Jack was super good! We ran to the mall afterwards to just walk around and stay out for a while...I ventured into Gymboree and found him something fun! He is already planning on wearing these to Cooper and Saydie's baseball games this spring!!

Hope everyone has a great Thursday and PRAY for warm weather!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Jack's Aunt Cici...

This little blog is for my Sister, Jack's Aunt Cici!

She is my best friend and such a wonderful soul. She is so great with Jack and he absolutely loves to go to her house and play with his cousin's Cooper and Saydie!! They love him too, so it is perfect! Cici can always get Jack to take long naps, which he won't do for his Mommy anymore and she always "knows" what he needs! I'm blessed to have her in our lives!

Cici isn't feeling too good right now, so we wanted to send her some hugs and smiles and let her know how much we appreciate her and love her!! Please keep Chrisite in your prayers!

WE LOVE YOU CICI, Uncle Trav, Cooper and Saydie!!

Aunt Cici and Jack

Jackson (5 mos), Cooper (5 yrs), Saydie (4yrs)

Cici, Uncle Trav, Cooper and Saydie @ Cooper's "Yellow Belt" Ceremony

Monday, March 3, 2008

What a weekend...

What a weekend we had!
I never knew the worry that my Mother goes through with my Sister and I, but I now understand it!
Jackson started out with a snotty nose and sneezing, no big deal, but then he had a fever!! That scares me to death...but he was ok. It was a very low one, 99.7 was the highest but still, I was worried to death! So, then Sunday we were at Nana and Papaw's house for our weekly visit and I was changing his clothes and felt a really rough, dry spot on his arm...I turned him on his tummy and about passed out! He had these red patches on his back and the back of his left arm!! I immediately screamed "MOM COME HERE" and she ran in there, we assumed it was really dry skin because he hadn't been around anything/anyone to get anything weird like I put baby lotion on it. It seemed to help, so when Jack and I got home last night, I showed his Daddy. He seemed to think it looked like dry, chapped skin too so I was going to call the dr. when we got up this morning if it was worse or not any better. When Jack got up around 7.30a I took him to change his clothes and checked it out, the spots are still on his arm, but gone from his back and they are really light pink and not as bad looking. So, being the Mommy I decided to put a little more lotion on it and then tonight, he's getting a warm bath with no funky smelling baby stuff to make sure he's ok! I just didn't want to call the dr. yet or have to take him because of all the illnesses that are going on. I know I'd have to sit in the sick room because of his nose and calling in with the 'patches' so I was afraid he'd pick up more germs and get worse! He acts fine, it's just me being over protective I guess. I think his surgery and 5 night stay at Children's Hospital when he was 5 weeks old has me very cautious. I have never experienced that kind of worry, sadness, sick in your gut feeling like I did that week! There is nothing like the love a parent has for their children...or there shouldn't be. Jack is my world and every little thing makes this Mommy crazy!!
Anyway, we hope everyone had a great weekend, here is a picture of Jack and Papaw isn't that clear because it's from my cell phone...but it's still a cute one! And then one with Jack in his bumbo playing with Mr. Bear that Nana bought him.

Papaw and Jackson

Jack playing