Friday, January 30, 2009

44 ODD Questions...

So, my little man is down for nappy time and I should be reading for my class assignments tomorrow or taking a shower, but I got this email from a friend and thought it would be fun to post for today!
Play along if you'd like...let me know if you do by leaving a comment, I'd love to see your answers!
I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!
1. Do you like blue cheese? No!!
2. Have you ever drank alcohol? Yes
3. Do you own a gun? Yes, one is my personal gun and then we have many son now has 2 of his "own" from his Papaw Joe, along with a b-b gun...they are all in a safe location though!
4. What flavor Kool Aid was your favorite? Cherry or any kind of fruit punch taste
Do you get nervous before a doctor appointment? Yes, I really was nervous before all of my prenatal checkups...just hoping little bit was always ok, and I always get nervous before Jack has one that includes shots! No fun!
6. What do you think of hot dogs? They are ok, I love corn dogs though!
7. Favorite Christmas movie? Umm, probably The Christmas Story
8. What do you prefer to drink in the morning? Water
9. Can you do push ups? This one is a guess, I haven't tried in years, I probably can do a "girly" push up, that has to count for something!
s10. What's your favorite piece of jewelry? Engagement/Wedding bands, circle diamond necklace from hubby, Mother's Day jewelry from last year from hubby and little bit!
11. Favorite hobby? Playing with little man, shopping, hanging out with family
12. Do you have A.D.D.? Probably in some form or shape, if you ask the hubby, he will definitely tell you YES!
13. What's your weight? It changes, but I am finally happy where I am...not going to say a number because women never tell those things!
14. What is your middle name? Reed
15. Name 3 thoughts at this exact moment. I should be showering, studying or packing for tonight!
16. Name 3 drinks you regularly drink? Water, Water and Milk sometimes
17. Briefs or Boxers? Boxers for my hubby please!
18.. Current hate right now? Cold weather I guess...I'm ready for SPRING!
19. Favorite place to be? Home with my family
20. How did you bring in the New Year? At our house with some friends and our bibo's
21. Where would you like to go? Anywhere warm with my family.
22. Name three people who will complete this? Anyone who's bored and has time!
23. Do you own slippers? Not really, all mine have been chewed up by the dog...but I like to wear a pair of UGG's around! (They are ugly, yes...but warm and comfy!)
24. What color shirt are you wearing right now? Grey
25. Do you like sleeping on satin sheets? No way, too cold!
26. Can you whistle? Yes
27. Favorite color? Pink, Blue or Black, oh and green! (Too indecisive!)
28. Would you be a pirate? Sure!
29. What songs do you .sing in the shower? Used too, now it's in and OUT!
30. Favorite Girls name? We have 2 favorites...Harper and Harlow...don't steal them if you know me in case we do ever have a girl!! :)
31. Favorite boys name? Harper, Ace, and not really sure on anymore
32. What's in your pocket? No pockets in my sweat pants!
33. Last thing that made you laugh? Jack of course!
34. Worst injury you've ever had as a child? Probably just falling off my bike or falling in general and scrapping my knees...or when my leg got cut by a barb-wire fence!
.36. Do you love where you live? Yes!
37. How many TVs are in your house? 5
38. Who is your loudest friend? My husband....hands down!
39. How many dogs do you have? ONE very annoying but lovable boxer!
40. Does someone have a crush on you? Just my hubby I hope!
41. What is your favorite book? Goodnight Moon, Eric Carle books, Dr. Seuss books
42. What is your favorite candy? Umm, don't eat it ever...but probably just Hershey kisses
43. Favorite Sports Team? UT
44. What song do you want played at your funeral? Probably Amazing Grace, and one that was sang at my Nanny's...about closing your eyes and waking up and seeing Jesus. Not sure of the name of it, but it is the most beautiful and meaningful song.
Now it's your turn!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lemonade Anyone?


So, it's a known fact that I am a "blog slacker" and am envious of those that blog daily and some that blog even more than once a day! I was given MY FIRST BLOG AWARD this week (or maybe last week) from Mandi at Mandi Shandi's and I am so happy about it! Of course you can't tell it by how long it took me to 'participate' in the award...but here goes!

What this award is about...Bloggers who show great attitude and gratitude.
What you have to do...Upon receiving The Lemonade Award, you also pass it on to other bloggers who you think show great attitude and gratitude.
Here are the rules:
1. Put the logo on your blog or post.
2. Nominate at least 10 blogs which show great Attitude and/or Gratitude!
3. Link to your nominees within your post.
4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
5. Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.
Now for my nominees, **{Mainly Blogs I follow each day and love!}**
2. Becca at Livi Grows
4. Mary Beth at The Etherton's
5. Cindy at The Gough's
7. Nancy at Southern Lady
8. Mrs. Newlywed at Misadventures of a Newlywed
10. Wendy at The Shabby Nest

So I said I wanted to play Mandi's
letter game and she gave me "W"...yikes.
Here are the rules:
Name 10 things that start with the letter "W" that you like/love...hmmm
here goes.

1.Winning...of course! I had to start out with the obvious...I love winning anything, wheter it's a "conversation" with the hubby to playing a card game...I love Winning!
2. Wasabi's... now, this one is kind of a cheat, because my favorite Japanese restaurant is Miyabi's, but for this contest, Wasabi's will do!! I love Japanese food the best!

3. Watching everyone's blog each day. I love any kind of watching really, especially people watching. I always wonder what they are thinking or what is really going on in their lives. I catch myself starring sometimes and not trying to be ugly, just thinking of what their life is like...the parts we don't see.

4. Warm Weather!! (Shouldn't that count for 2?!) I love warm weather and completely miss it during the winter months. I love Christmas time, don't get me wrong, and I love snow once or twice, but I am OVER IT by January 1st! Which means today, I am super duper over it. It's so hard with a little one too because those 'fast trips to the store or town' aren't worth it when it's this cold, especially when we are trying to avoid germs at all costs!

5. Warehouse Mouse on Imagination Movers! I just saw him on t.v. and I seriously do think he's adorable and he's really the only one on the show that doesn't drive me insane.

6. White Chocolate Hot Chocolate from explanation needed. If you haven't tried one, try one. They are fantastic.

7. WEEKENDS!! Even though I am a stay-at-home Mommy, I still go to school full-time, I still have to keep this house under control and I still have to make sure everyone (including the very jealous dog) is happy, fed, bathed and taken care of. SO, when saying this, I of course am thankful to my husband who goes to work and works super hard so Jack and I have had this time together...but there is nothing like the weekends when I have a little break from the cleaning, school work (unless I have class on Saturday morning) and cooking...and have a little help with the Jack Jack!! He is a wonderful kid, but now those simple tastes like, going to the bathroom by myself is a vision of my past.
8. Wonderful Women that I'm surrounded by daily. Mom and Sister are on top of the list.
9. Watermelon!! I love summertime and watermelon! I don't eat much of it now just because we don't buy it very often, but I love it. I used to eat so much of it when I was younger that I'd get sick! Awful I know...I think that is one of the 7 deadly sins isn't it?
10. Water... I love drinking it, I drink a little too much now, but I have realized by after many many years of people telling me, that drinking water is one of the best ways to loose and maintain your weight. I have found that if I start to get hungry, I drink a glass of water and wait a few minutes and the craving goes away...try it.
Oh and I love any water to swim in too...I really don't like lake water, but I'll swim in it. It scares me of what is all in there!
Thanks Mandi for playing this fun game...if you want to play, leave me a comment and I'll send you a letter and we can keep it going and going!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snow Days!!

Yesterday was a very cold and snowy day here for us! Not that a blizzard came, but any snow was welcomed in these cold temperatures! There is nothing worse than it just being cold without ANY snow!
I decided to get Jack all bundled up in his snow suit Nana bought him a year ago "to grow into" and he sure has! It is the cutest little thing ever! It reminded me of the "Christmas Story" movie where the Mom dresses the little boys up in their snow gear and they can hardly walk! I giggled at him so much I could hardly take pictures! Here is what I got...

It just looks like he's saying "Mom, what is THAT stuff?"
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Somehow we lost a glove on the way out!
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Mommy's sweet snow angel!
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Thursday, January 15, 2009

50th Post! this is my 50th post and I can't believe it! I never thought I'd have anything to say, and really don't...I just ramble but it's pretty neat to still be an active "blogger". I do more looking around now than anything. Some blogs are amazing and have such great stories, tips and just ideas! They have definitely got me into the "trying to organize my house resolution"! I have completed one room, closet and drawers, Jack's room, dining room and the laundry room!! I want to do so much more to my laundry room but it just isn't big enough. However, having a small laundry room definitely lets me know what I want in our next house!!
I for some reason am having a problem uploading pictures still to blogger...but I did figure out how to get this one on here straight from Picasa...Jack Jack in the rub-a-dub tub "rockin the 'hawk" at 16 months old!! Don't you just love his facial expression?!?!?!
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Monday, January 12, 2009

Whirlwind of a Weekend...

So this weekend, was insane.
I had my last 2 Praxis Exams on Saturday and they were rough.
I left feeling really unsure about how I did, but I tried my best. Hopefully I passed so I won't EVER have to take another one! When I came home, I napped. It was nice but not nearly long enough. Jack Jack was at his Aunt Cici's house because I had a full weekend of plans and none of them would have been fun for Jack.
His Daddy started to get sick last week and stayed home all weekend trying to recover. He is luckily feeling better today!
Saturday night, I went to Christin's shower and had a great time hanging out with friends I hardly get to see! I of course forgot my camera so below are some pictures that Mandy took with hers. Christin's friends threw her an adorable shower and she got some great things!!
Sunday, I went to the Bridal Show with Mandy!
I hadn't been to one in forever and boy do I love those things! It is amazing how different the styles are now compared to five years ago when I got married! I love the new photography styles, colors, cakes, dresses...everything! Also, Mandy came ONE number away from winning $500!
It was so exciting, but oh so sad!! Oh well, we had a good time anyway! We are going next Saturday to have our bridesmaid's dress fitting! So excited!! Who doesn't LOVE dressing up? And a wedding?
After we were done, I went to pick up Jack. I hadn't laid my eyes on him since Friday and it was about to kill his Daddy and me. He missed us I believe! He was all over Shann and I when we got home and slept right in between us with his arm thrown over his Daddy and his legs thrown over me! I always get those pointy toes!!
Anyway, I missed him terribly. The older he gets, the harder it is for me to leave him for long.
God has blessed me so much and I am so thankful to have my little loving boy, my wonderful husband, and family.
Thanks Cici, Nana & Papaw for helping with Jack this weekend!!
(For some reason Blogger won't let me upload pics right now, so I will try again later!)

Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year Resolutions...

Since many of my close friends check out my blog, I want to post my resolution's so you all can help hold me to them!
We had a great New Year's...well Jack and I were in bed by 12.30 because he was having a rough night, but by the looks of the pictures that were taken at my house, I think everyone else had a great time! My husband tried to "clean up" my computer and erased the program I use to download my pictures, so I am way behind on that...but as soon as I figure out how to fix it (which means running to the Wal-Mart to buy a new compact flash drive thingy) ((don't you love how us southerners put "The" in front of Wal-Mart?)) Anyway, I will post pictures as soon as I can!
Hope you all have made some good, reachable resolutions!!

{These are in random thought order!}
1. Loose 10-15 more pounds...this to me would have been very unreachable before Jack, however this time last year, I was wanting to loose I think 60-70...and ended up loosing 78!! However, I've put on about 7 pounds back and I want it gone!! It's amazing what 3 or 4 pounds does to your body once there has been a baby in there! Things will never be the same, I know that...but they can always be improved!
2. To start exercising!! I know for most people, this isn't a hard one, but for is. Last year on my diet I walked a few times around the neighborhood with Jack in the stroller...and that's it!! I have skin and flab that needs to be tone and not hanging over my jeans!!
3. To be more active in church. We've been doing really good lately by going to my Sister's church. I really enjoy it because one of my best friends husband is their new preacher and I know almost everyone there...and they love my Jack there. He was in his first Christmas play there and he loves to go to the nursery to play. I know Christ is so important in a marriage and I really want Shannon and I to become more involved as a family. I want Jack to grow up knowing "we go to church" and "we enjoy it". I have always been involved and love the feeling I get when I walk out of church. I love the Lord and want it to be apparent in my life!
4. Be a better house wife! I try my best to have a clean house, laundry done, dinner ready or close to being ready and I have struggled here lately. I take pride in our home, but I find myself playing in the floor with Jack when I should be dusting or vacuuming!! I am going to make a routine like I did before and do certain chores each day that way it all doesn't hit me the night before we have company!!
5. Clean out my closets!!! This one is HUGE for me. Really because it not only involves MY room, but Jack's and the 3 extra bedroom closet's I have packed full of things! I have one of the bedrooms upstairs packed full of my business suits when I was in the corporate world...will I ever wear them again as teacher? Doubt I am going to let Mom go through them and then they are outta here. Also this involves kitchen drawers are insane. I keep everything.
6. Which leads me to my final resolution...Quit being such a pack rat!!! Things are going to have a new meaning this year...if they haven't been used in the last 3 months (as in worn if appropriate weather) they are gone too. I have kept some of the craziest meaningless things and I need room for all the meaningful things we get all the time with Jack being around!!
7. Last but not least...Laugh, Love and Cherish my Husband and Son. Not that I don't do this now, but I definitely think I could improve on the "lighten up" area of my life. I take things so seriously and am a constant worrier...that will hopefully slow down this year!
That's all I can think of for now. I am dying to not have put a picture in here...

so here is one of my and husband that I have loved going on 10 years this month!! It's amazing how time flies when you're having fun!! I love you buddy! Thanks for being a wonderful husband and father. You are precious to us and we are so thankful for you! This one is from NYE and Drew walked right into the picture and it was perfect, he completely covered my face! It didn't even look like I was in the picture with Shannon! His Sister Megan got the pic I believe, but this is one Mandy got from me giggling at him and Shannon! Which is pretty typical around our house!

The man that loves me for me...even if I fail at all my resolutions...that's what makes him so wonderful!
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Friday, January 2, 2009

PLEASE Pray for Sweet Sejal...

Many of you may not know her, but she and her family really need your prayers right now. Sejal is the daughter of my sorority "Big Sister" Tonya. Tonya, is such a sweet, Godly woman and as long as I've known her, I've looked up to her.
In May of 2006, Sejal was diagnoised with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. She has since then been a patient of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Being a Mommy now, I can not imagine the worry that Britt and Tonya have been through over the almost 3 years, however with God by their side, they have prevailed!
They have received some scary news about an upcoming test that Sejal will have to go through, for more, please visit Sejal's CaringBridge Page, read her story and please be a prayer warrior for this family!!