Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Lucky Charm

He's adorable, he's small and sweet.
He's simply a joyous treat.
He loves me, he makes me smile.
For him I'd walk a million miles.
My Lucky Charm.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

OH How could I?!?

Dear Dr. Seuss,

How could I post about junk food on your 97th Birthday? Please forgive me. I love all of your books and think you had an amazing mind and creative soul. I thank you for making children smile with your words.

*I love me some Dr. room at school is decorated all the time in Dr. Seuss stuff. I wonder if he realizes how many smiles he puts on the faces of adults and children each day? Wouldn't that be amazing to know "you do that?" *
My all time favorite Dr. Seuss quote:
"I have heard that there are troubles of more than one kind. Some come from ahead and some come from behind. But I've bought a big bat. I'm ready you see. My troubles are going to have troubles with me!"

Snow Day ='s Eating Day

All little man and I have done today is snack, snack, and snacked some more! Here is a line-up of what we've had. My stomach is going to hate me later on tonight...and this is why I can NOT loose weight sitting at the house. Temptation is greater than my self control...why oh why can't I just SAY NO!? :)

We started off with this from SONIC this morning on our way home from the county courthouse where I had to go sign our Property Tax check...yes, I'm the idiot that sends a check in the mail without signing it!


Funyuns are probably my oldest and most favorite snack. I absolutely have loved them for longer than I can remember...but what is the best thing about son loves them too! We can finish off a bag in a day, that is why we only have them every once in a while. A bag in our house is not a good idea!

Then we moved to one of these a piece, which could be worse, we shared a package of 2...but we did that yesterday too. They are soo good. And also brings me back to my "childhood" and remembering all the different holiday cakes Little Debbie comes up with!

After nap time, we had some of these...which are also a no-no to normally buy because they are usually gone within a day or two with Jack and I eating them!

It is so easy to be unhealthy and just eat junk. And so hard to be constantly "dieting". But I figure a day a week to "cheat" and eat junk is ok. If not, I'd fall of the "diet wagon" way worse! I have tried to do so good since Jack was born and have lost over 80lbs. but it is like a yo-yo. Some days I feel huge again, and other days I can fit in my "skinny" pants.